About Us

Spectrum for Diagnostic Industries designs , develops and manufactures high quality in vitro diagnostic reagents. We are actively involved in state-of-the art research and development initiatives designed to keep our customers at the forefront of diagnostic technology. During the 2000s our research team initiated an aggressive research and development program, which resulted in the development of a new generation of liquid stable clinical chemistry reagents using the Micro Stab technology. In-addition, we developed a line of dedicated portable photometers.


SDI provides clinical laboratory practitioners with high quality IVD solutions. We are specialized in stabilization of enzymes with the unique “Microstab ” Technology, In-addition to developing dedicated portable photometers. Our team aims  to support our customers in Middle East and Africa with products that are of quality , competitive prices and flexible customization capability.


To position SDI as the leading IVD Manufacturer in the Middle East and Africa, providing full and efficient diagnostic solutions.

core Values

  • Commitment 
  • Flexibility 
  • Adaptation
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Team work


Dr Khaled Raafat Alyan , the CEO and chairman of SDI is a scientist and a university professor who dedicated all his research work to stabilize enzymes with a unique “Microstab” technology and provide stable IVD solutions. Dr Khaled believes that diagnostics is power and a good diagnostic solution is the key to a healthy community.